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_sobule is in the business of critical, practical, and relevant design and design strategies executed with style, skill, and personality. We (partners Amy McLaughlin and Aleksandr Niestroj) share backgrounds in art, design, and production giving us a comprehensive arsenal on which to draw for both our own design and client-driven projects.

_sobule is founded on the philosophy that clients’ needs and project criteria should come before designers’ egos. It is our mandate to present design solutions, not inflict them. Our flexibility of approach, ability to realistically assess the possibilities and limitations of a project, and our client-friendly demeanour have come together to give us the first five great years of our company.

Going forward, it is our intention to establish and promote our own product designs as well as continue cultivating relationships with clients for custom, collaborative, and developmental work in addition to design strategies, testing, and consultation.

We do good work because that is what we love to do – our name rides on it and so does yours. We are _sobule and we are open.

Amy McLaughlin has the perspective required to determine whether a project would most benefit from thorough detailing or a staple-gun before proceeding accordingly. Amy began her career in theatre working in set, properties and wardrobe where she was responsible for all facets from designing and building to department and production management. Her arts management experience made Ms. McLaughlin an ideal candidate for the position of curator and creative liason with Stratisfaction, Montréal where she connected artists and designers with partners in the business sector. When Stratisfaction moved its offices to Bulgaria (it’s a long story), Amy, opting to stay in Canada, began work as a baker but soon found her passion for cookies was not as strong as her passion for design and left to co-found _sobule. In addition to her role at _sobule Amy sits on the board of Chuck Frank Brand where she acts as the Director of Design, Quality, and Brand Character. Recently she was a member of the executive committee for Mission Milano; organizing, curating, and advocating on behalf of nine Canadian designers participating in the Salone Satellite at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Aleksandr Niestroj is an artist by training and designer by practice. He started his professional career in theatre designing sets, sound, and properties before focussing on graphic design. Following his work in theatre Mr. Niestroj built a solid reputation as a freelance designer and art director. An accomplished designer and brand strategist, Mr. Niestroj has collaborated with a variety of major corporate and institutional clients around the world, including the School of Colour, UK, Centre des Arts Saidye Bronfman, Canada, and the Hungarian Multicultural Centre and Ferensik Janos School, Hungary, as well as a corporate clients such as Levi's, Sears Canada, KitchenAid, and Scican. His artwork and illustration has been exhibited in Canada and internationally and is part of many private and public collections.  His work focusses on clear and concise communication and positive experience for his clients' customers. Mr. Niestroj has recently accepted a position on the Advisory Board for the artist/design community Jamuse, where he looks forward to applying his knowledge of communication and use-experience to a world-wide audience.